Good Sign Design Can Change Your Life . . . And Your Business!

It’s debatable whether an exceptional design actually gets customers to walk through the front door of your business. What’s not debatable is the trust and confidence businesses should expect from their design companies who have been hired to make their service or product memorable, even iconic.

Every business needs an identity, whether it’s for exterior or interior signs, print, product labeling, online presence, or all of the above. A business’s brand is THE most important identifier of its product or service. Think about the last time you bought your favorite beverage: The image of that product’s label immediately took shape in your mind, you looked for it, and when you found it, the connection was complete. The designers did their jobs very well. Unfortunately, there are exceptions, but even a bad design can still resonate in customers’ minds. The really great designs, however, can become national (even global) icons, such as, Nike, Apple, McDonalds, or the Coca-cola you may have just purchased.

At Paxton Signs, we are ultimately concerned with our customers’ brand, their image and identity, not only for their signs, but for use in all their marketing approaches. We take our responsibilities seriously, spending hours on and off the clock brainstorming, considering graphic options, then deciding on the most appropriate.

Below, is an example of how good logo design translates into a striking exterior sign. From the unique hanger to the hand-carved letters and gold leaf art element, the final result is a lasting impression on anyone who walks into the tea shoppe.

Paxton Signs is committed creative design, execution and craftsmanship. We never settle for “good enough.” More importantly, we accept the responsibility our customers have placed in us for more than 30 years: Great designs that can change their lives and their businesses.

Call today about our comprehensive design and sign services for your business or organization, 970-221-5519, or message us using the contact feature, above.

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