Hand-painted Signs: Beautiful, Authentic and Back!

As an art form all but lost, hand-painted (aka hand-lettered) signage is experiencing a resurgence. Business owners are placing value in the human touch, the stroke of a brush, and the beauty in artistic technique. It’s been a long time coming. At Paxton Signs, we welcome the comeback with open arms and ready hands.

The first sign that hand-painting was in decline, after centuries of dominance, came in the 1980s when vinyl cutting first made an appearance and craft began to make way for computers. The 90s proved even more disastrous, as inkjet printers and digital design put everything from window stickers to building and vehicle wraps mere keystrokes away.

A beautifully hand-painted Paxton Sign, painted in the 1980s, now a collectible.

Lately, however, retailers are increasingly turning to sign painters like Paxton Signs to convey a sense of individuality for their businesses; to stand out and communicate that their products aren’t run of the mill. The revival suggests a renewed interest in crafted and handmade work — a big comeback for hand-lettering in general, and the amazing history that surrounds the trade. Shopkeepers and business are also more aware of having something hand-painted for which they can point to a person – an artist – rather than a vinyl cutting machine.

Hand-painted sign on high-density MDO. Hand-lettered and custom cut. Faux letters were created by daubing with a paint-saturated plastic bag. Design by Paxton Signs.

Trending now is an interest in how things are made and by whom. This is apparent in the food we eat, the home furnishings we like, and the clothes we buy. The result is that the business world is starting to understand and appreciate the art and craft of hand-painted signs. Signs that represent something loved and crafted – our future icons – and historically, art.

Paxton Signs specializes in hand-painted signs. The tools of the trade are so simple, but the possibilities are almost limitless. We would like to show you how hand-painting can enhance your image AND your bottom line.

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