Paxton Signs’ Featured Business: Arenus Animal Health

Paxton Signs pays tribute to our numerous customers, past and present, by sharing their stories and our collaborated sign work. Many of our customers have interesting founding stories, others unusual histories or operational anecdotes. This week’s honoree is Arenus Animal Health, located at 500 North Link Lane, Fort Collins CO, 80524. Contact: 866-791-3344

Animals are an important part of our lives. So much so that most owners go to great lengths to maintain their animals’ health and to ease their pain and suffering. Arenus Animal Health of Fort Collins is proud to offer the industry’s best solutions for animal health care. They specialize in equine colic relief products, as well as a variety of other natural health supplements for dogs and horses. These health supplements are derived from natural ingredients and aid in relieving common health issues such as, animal stress and anxiety, arthritis, reproductive problems, and equine colic.

The Arenus team cares deeply about animal health. They make it their mission to deliver exceptional products, and work diligently to ensure consistent quality and safe manufacturing processes.

To enhance the Arenus brand and curbside presence, Paxton Signs designed a free-standing, 3.5′ x 6′ monument sign that is both elegant and highly visible. Constructed of powder-coated black steel, it is finished with attractive horizontal, brushed aluminum name panels. The contrast between the black and silver is striking and sets the sign apart from others in the area. The base is built of solid concrete and finished with authentic stone veneer.

You can explore Arenus’ site and learn more about their unique approach to animal health at

Visit Paxton Signs at,, or use the “contact” feature, above.

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