Paxton Signs’ Featured Business: Frontier Gallery

At Paxton Signs, we like to feature our valued customers, past and present, by sharing their stories and describing our sign projects with them. Many of our customers have interesting founding stories, others unusual histories or operational anecdotes. This week’s featured business is the Frontier Gallery, located at 208 S. Mason St. Fort Collins, CO. Phone: 970-484-4200.

Frontier Gallery has been in business since 1991, specializing in old antique firearms. Their main focus is Old West and Frontier firearms up to, and including, WWII. It’s no secret: They LOVE what they do!

Frontier Gallery believes that the history and development of guns is what makes old guns so much fun to own and shoot. It’s a memorable experience to shoot a firearm that was made in 1790, 1862 or 1943. It’s history in your hands.

Besides handling and shooting the firearms, another interesting aspect in the industry is collecting guns that increase in value, guaranteed.

Dave, the “chief cook and head bottle washer,” has been involved with old guns for over 30 years. He has had many rare firearms during that time, guns like the Colorado Territory Spencer, the factory Engraved Presentation Henry Rifles from 1862, and rifles presented to kings, among others.

If you have old guns you want to sell, Frontier Gallery is the place to start. They’ll take a look and after a careful and thorough evaluation, they’ll present you with your options, either selling outright or consignment.

Paxton Signs designed and created the Frontier Gallery storefront window sign using 23k gold leaf with matte centers, outlined with oil enamel lettering paint. The enamel lettering paint was also used for the window’s decorative elements and lower panel lettering. Details of the gold leaf lettering are shown, below.






Contact the Frontier Gallery and explore the world of collectible guns at 208 S. Mason, Fort Collins, CO, on their website,, or call them at, 970-484-4200.

Visit Paxton Signs’ Galleries at,, using the above menu bar, or call us at, 970-221-5519.

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