Paxton Signs’ Featured Business: The Backporch Cafe

Paxton Signs pays tribute to its numerous customers, past and present, by sharing their stories and our resulting sign work. Many have interesting founding stories, others unusual histories or operation anecdotes. This week’s honoree is The Backporch Cafe, located at 1101 E. Lincoln Ave on the south west corner of Lincoln and Lemay. Having experienced the Backporch’s excellent homemade cuisine ourselves, Paxton Signs recommends the Backporch, both for its food and its service.

The Backporch Café, established in 1997 by Mike Cooper, was originally a small pie and coffee shop called “Sweetie Pie.” Paxton Signs created the main sign for this establishment. After purchasing “Sweetie Pie,” Cooper reached out to his regulars for new name suggestions. “Backporch Café” was the one that resonated. At that early time, the area known as their main dining room was actually a deck that provided outdoor seating. The necessary indoor seating was available at the bar top or in the back room by their neighboring shop, “Lamb Spun.” So the name, “Backporch Café” seemed suitable.

Having already built the Sweetie Pie sign, Paxton Signs and The Backporch collaborated on the signage currently used, including the purple archway with gold leaf letters, and sun motif elements. (In addition, Paxton Signs created the large Lamb Spun, gold leaf sign, located on the corner of Lincoln and Lemay.)

The Backporch serves guests delicious homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, muffins, biscuits, pies, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, and quiches from their bakery, where, to this day, owner Mike Cooper bakes from scratch all of these favorites. The Backporch team also smokes all of their own meats from pulled pork, pork chops, and pork ribs to chicken and sometimes salmon. They also make their own breakfast sausage and chorizo sausage. Even the green chili everyone loves to smother their favorite breakfasts in is made in-house daily.

The Backporch takes pride in what they do. They want their guests to have the best they can provide, not only in food, but in service as well. As they like to remind folks: “Welcome to our farmhouse. Make yourself at home!”

Visit The Backporch website,, and Paxton Signs, Contact Paxton Signs by using the contact feature, above.

Pictured, below, left: The Backporch gold leaf letters closeup, the archway sign, and one of the sun motif elements, far right. Bottom: Paxton Sign’s Sweetie Pie and Lamb Spun signs.


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