Simple is Better. Always

Vehicle lettering is an effective marketing tool. Except when it isn’t.

It’s normal for business owners to expect the absolute most out of their vehicle lettering; the more information, the better, right? Fill every square inch with as much as possible; More bang for the buck, as they say. If only that were true. Although digital wraps have the potential for great marketing appeal, many digital wrap designers end up doing just the opposite by cluttering the vehicle surface with unnecessary elements and, literally, by trying to make a complex sales pitch while speeding down the highway.

There is a better way. A simpler, more attractive way. The Paxton Signs way.

Take a look at two examples of poor lettering design, below, and then one of good vehicle lettering design by Paxton Signs. Notice how the two poorly designed vans appear cluttered, confusing and ineffective. The Paxton Signs design announces Who and What is rolling by, using strong, clean, readable graphic elements. POW!

Above and Below: Notice the confusing layout and busy graphics.

Above: Who and What at a glance: Simple, effective Paxton Signs graphics are always better.

The really great news is that, not only does the Paxton Signs vehicle get noticed because it’s designed more effectively and efficiently, but the VALUE of the better design is greater than those expensive wraps!

Call Paxton Signs for a BETTER VALUE BID on your next vehicle or fleet. We believe simple is better. Always.

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