The Kosher Bistro: Paxton Signs’ Featured Business

Paxton Signs pays tribute to its numerous customers, past and present, by sharing their stories and describing our sign projects with them. Many of our customers have interesting founding stories, others unusual histories or operational anecdotes. This week’s featured business is the Kosher Bistro, located in Parmalee Hall, Colorado State University campus.

The only kosher-certified eatery in Larimer County is located inside CSU’s Parmelee dining hall. The Kosher Bistro follows strict dietary laws and is open to students, staff and faculty, regardless of faith. There are only two such restaurants on college campuses in Colorado – here and in Boulder.

People of the Jewish faith believe that what you put into your body affects you as a person, spiritually. The Torah mandates diet that is sensitive to the soul. As an example, kosher dietary laws forbid eating animals that have predatory instincts.

The bistro employs a mashgiach, who is the chef and supervisor of a kosher establishment. He makes sure that all food brought into the bistro is kosher and that the food is prepared under the dietary law. Kosher food also must maintain a high level of cleanliness. Because the foods tend to be fresher and more authentic than others, the kosher lifestyle attracts many non-Jewish people. Some say a kosher diet is healthier than a normal diet and that the animals used are treated humanely.

The deli offers homemade hamburgers, hot dogs, stews and salmon, along with a variety of other meat dishes and sides, but is evolving to offer additional signature kosher foods such as matzah ball soup, challah and falafel. The deli wanted to have the foods that most kosher consumers would be looking for.

Paxton Signs designed the directional sign for the Kosher Bistro. Colorful, with a contemporary flair, the entire sign is formed from one piece of steel plate. The sign’s interior was formed using water-jet cutting, while the background was created with gray, loose-woven fabric that was glued to the steel. The letters are brushed aluminum. The sign’s colorful finish was spray painted using blending techniques that add to its appeal.

The Kosher Bistro is open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for lunch and 5 to 6:30 p.m. for dinner.

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