THROWBACK THURSDAY! Featuring: Antiques by Vintage Clock & Watch

In 1997, antiques were popular, valued and sought after. The  Silent Generation (born between 1925-45) and the Baby Boomers (1945-65) were the demographics that owned and collected antiques. The majority in these age groups began moving into smaller homes, resulting in the selling of their antiques to accommodate downsizing. This has had a snowball effect on the antique market: With the increased supply and less demand, antique prices have plummeted. But even with reduced prices, they have not sold and probably won’t for some time, mostly due to a shift in current interior “open-space” trends, as well as popular contemporary home design in general.

Vintage Clock and Watch Repair included antiques in their business model during the 1990s. Paxton Signs designed and hand-painted the specialty sign that was displayed at the store’s entrance from 1997 to the early 21st century. Since then, VCW moved on to other locations, and, because of the declining market, eliminated antiques from their inventory.

In an interesting twist, the sign shown, left, found a home at a local flea market that specializes in – you guessed it – antiques! Paxton Signs offered to buy it back, but the flea market liked the sign so much, they declined the offer.

Paxton Signs’ more than 37 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs, signs made from recycled wood, hand-painted signs, carved signs, vehicle and fleet graphics – a continuous variety of communication art.

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