There was a time in Fort Collins when high-end, European lamps and lampshades were hard to come by. Internet shopping hadn’t yet presented desirable alternatives, leaving most customers to shop for home decor and interior design accessories either through catalogs or at a few large, “big box” department stores. That is, until 2001 when Vivian opened her doors to grateful shoppers. From the simple to the exotic, Vivian’s became the go-to, high-end, lamp, lampshade and home-decor alternative, located in downtown Fort Collins.

Paxton Signs crafted Vivian’s hand-carved, gold-leafed sign to complement the store’s high-end appeal. The letters and border were hand-carved in high-density urethane. The main panel was made from MDO plywood, then finished in a painted, purple faux texture. By combining gold leaf and the deep, purple texture, Paxton Signs produced a sign that reflected Vivian’s elegant cachet.

Paxton Signs’ more than 37 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs, signs made from recycled wood, hand-painted signs, carved signs – a continuous variety of communication art.

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