The Timeless Appeal of Gold Leaf

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1124 East Elizabeth monument sign close up of gold leaf letters and routed art element Fort Collins COGold leaf. Shimmering, seductive, worthy of statuary and tombs for ancient gods. It’s found on numerous works of art through the ages. The Egyptians were the first to perfect the gold leaf process. This was followed by centuries of improvements. These improvements have resulted in a technique that has changed little for thousands of years. The result is the timeless appeal of gold leaf.

Today, gold leaf is found in architecture, fine art and commercial enterprises. Specifically, the sign industry practices it as a handcrafted application. Paxton Signs still uses the same tools now as when the Egyptians created their magnificent art. Furthermore, the incredible durability of gold (and other metal leafing materials) surpasses other applications like vinyl and paint. Over time, gold leaf will outlast those products by many years. Finally, it is resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions. Incredibly, Egyptian gold treasures are still in pristine condition after 5000 years!

Is gold leaf a good choice for your business?

the timeless appeal of gold leaf photo

Gold leaf material is extremely thin. In this form, it is ready to apply to a prepared surface.

the timeless appeal of gold leaf application

Gold leaf application must be done on a prepared surface.

the timeless appeal of gold leaf sheet photo

We use gold leaf for many types of art elements, but usually to define letters and logos.

Traditionally, professionals like lawyers and doctors prefer metal leaf. Businesses that want to project upscale appeal, such as horse enterprises, jewelers, resort areas, boutiques, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and golf courses, like  gold leaf and other lustrous metals. Vehicles and boat owners who desire upscale graphics find gold’s sumptuous sheen and durability the best choice. Considering its durability, gold leaf is one of the most attractive mediums. It’s common for gold sign graphics to last 20 years, contributing to the timeless appeal of gold leaf.

Is there an alternative to gold leaf?

Paxton Signs offers an alternative to real gold and other metal leafing. Metallic paint is economical and produces a metallic-like finish. It’s flexible, non-flammable, non-toxic, weather and fade-resistant, and adheres to wood, metal, vinyl and other substrates. Paxton Signs uses it for faux finishes and glazing. Gold paint usually lasts around seven years, depending on climate conditions. Needless to say, gold paint does not have the luster of 23-karat gold leaf.

the timeless appeal of gold leaf tea table photo

We often use gold leaf on a central art element.

the timeless appeal of gold leaf smith and jones photo

This is an example of effective gold leafing technique, highly visible and always beautiful.

the timeless appeal of gold leaf hearthfire photo

Combined with hand painted art, gold leaf emphasizes the elegance of this entrance.

The timeless appeal of gold leaf…

The investment you make in your marketing efforts says a great deal about your business. It speaks volumes to your customers about your image. Furthermore, considering the additional years of useful advertising that gold leaf offers,  your choice “to gold leaf” will be one you will be happy with for many years.

We specialize in Communication Art!

Paxton Signs’ more than 40 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs and signs made from recycled wood. We specialize in hand-painted and carved signs. We also offer vehicle and fleet graphics.  Paxton Signs provides a continuous variety of communication art for Fort Collins, northern Colorado and the surrounding mountain areas.

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