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Jul 11, 2018 | Recycled Repurposed Sustainable Signs | 0 comments

birdsong katz storefront signIn an eco-conscious world, Paxton Signs recognizes the importance of sustainability in its products and production methods. We embrace environmentally friendly signs as a key part of what we do. In addition, we’ve made these practices a part of our contribution to protect the environment. Ultimately, we believe it is important to remain mindful and vigilant of our impact on our community and the world.

Selecting the right materials

To start, one of the best ways to impact the go-green effort is to use more “green” materials. For example, using glass instead of plastic. Also, think paint instead of vinyl and wood instead of synthetics. Usually, this includes fittings and attachments. When possible, we strive to use recycled materials. Lately, our clients request recycled materials for – or as part of – their sign purchases.

Of course, recycled signs made of sustainable materials have a unique, nostalgic and historic appearance. Moreover, this is true whether retaining the original look of the material or transforming it into something entirely new. For example, the Birdsong/Katz Group sign, pictured below, features 100% re-purposed cedar fence pickets. First, we sanded and stained them. Then, we attached them using visible, galvanized roofing nails (nail detail, above). So, the end result is a sign with nostalgic interest.

Environmental signs meet your needs

Paxton Signs strives to meet your needs and the needs of an eco-conscious community. If you’re searching for eco-friendly materials for your signage, or seeking recycled materials, we can help.

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