St Peter’s Fly Shop

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saint peter's fly shop signOur St. Peter’s Fly Shop sign features classic, hand-crafted sign making. This includes custom design, hand-carved art elements, sandblasted surfaces, gold leafing, and hand-painting.

For hundreds of years, the ethereal quality of fly fishing has been admired by many but experienced by few. Recently, the sport has captured the interest of traditional lake and stream fishermen and women. Today, determined novices have thrown in their lines. It’s a centuries-old pastime that has become a 21st century passion. Devotees write books, produce blogs and videos. Sometimes, they even open fine fly fishing shops. Such is the case with St. Peter’s Fly Shop. Visit their excellent website at,

Making St. Peter’s Fly Shop sign

In 2006, Paxton Signs designed and built St. Peter’s two-sided sign. The sign was for their location near Old Town, Fort Collins. The owners wanted to highlight the quality of their products and services. In addition, they wanted to communicate the artistic merits of the sport. That called for a realistic, hand-carved, hand-painted, greenback cutthroat trout.

As it turned out, St. Pete’s already had a well-designed logomark, one that lent style and interest to the sign. We paired the trout and logomark on a high-density urethane background. We custom-shaped the background, then sandblasted it for dimension. Then, we triple-coated it in elegant hues of teal. The sign features St. Peter’s name recessed in gold leaf. Finally, we placed that on a striking black oval. Matching, ornate posts finished the design, complementing the sign’s color scheme.

We specialize in communication art

Paxton Signs’ more than 41 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs and signs made from recycled wood. We specialize in hand-painted and carved signs. We also offer vehicle and fleet graphics. Paxton Signs provides a continuous variety of communication art to Fort Collins, northern Colorado and the surrounding mountain areas.

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