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Aug 15, 2019 | Painted Non-dimensional Signs | 0 comments

kirks fly shop photoThis hand-painted sign for Kirk’s Fly Shop in Grand Lake, Colorado, started with a great logo (provided by customer). Its excellent design contributed to one of the most colorful signs we’ve ever produced.

With overall sign dimensions of 5′ x 6′, the two-sided sign required multiple layers of paint. This included the hand-carved, hand-painted trout and the raised, hand-carved letters. The background was custom-cut from plywood. We formed the trout and letters from high-density urethane.

Because the sign is two-sided, every cut and paint stroke had to be done twice. This included the intricate border detail, a mountain scene illustration, and the fly and trout elements. It was a time-consuming endeavor since the project required sufficient time for each layer of paint to dry before applying the next coat.

Hand-painted signs are more popular than ever

Hand-painted signs are in demand now because of their durability and attractive aesthetic. Forget unwieldy, overlapping vinyl layers with harsh edges. Hand-painting achieves multiple, seamless layers. Additionally, intricate designs and artistic details, such as in the Kirk’s Fly Shop sign, are more colorful and better executed. What’s more, hand-painting is many times more durable than digital prints that fade and wear much faster.

We’ve also produced signs for Kirk’s Fly Shop in Estes Park, as well as this latest sign, above, for the Grand Lake, Colorado store. They are a full-service fishing experience, both in gear selection and trip outings. Visit their website at,

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