Diamond Peak Goldsmiths

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Diamond Peak Goldsmiths

In the sign industry – basically, in all outdoor advertising – simple is better. When designing an interesting, effective sign, less is more.

Although most businesses would like the biggest sign possible, city and county sign codes dictate the size and installation of commercial signs. Local preservation committees usually have the final say in how businesses advertise their wares and services. This is especially true in historic areas. Such is the case in Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado. Here, every linear square foot of storefront earns two square feet in total sign size.

City codes also determine where the sign is placed. Because of so many restrictions, most store owners opt for simple, artistic sign design. One such sign is our work for Diamond Peak Goldsmiths.

How we made the Diamond Peak Goldsmiths Sign

In 2004, Diamond Peak Goldsmiths liked the idea of contrasting shimmering gold against a flat black background. It was an attention-getting option for their sandblasted, oval sign.  Paxton Signs designed the sign to showcase “Goldsmiths”. We used dimensional, domed, gold leaf for the script. We added lovely jade green paint on the border and on the store’s name. Finally, we designed a custom-made, steel, swing-arm support. We painted it in flat black. The dark background gave the sign a beautiful contrast.

In 2009, Diamond Peak Goldsmiths relocated their business to the northwest side of Fort Collins. We designed a unique sign for that location, as well. Visit their web site at: http://diamondpeakgold.com

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