The Green New Deal in Sign Making

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My Sister Knits sandblasted dimensional exterior sign with textured handcrafted letters in Fort Collins CO

There’s a Green New Deal in Sign Making.

Green consciousness has been in full swing for years. Paxton Signs continues to offer interesting choices in recycled and/or natural materials and sign making processes. For example, instead of using plastic sign material, maybe choose glass. Instead of sign synthetics, wood is much more interesting. Why fill up landfills with vinyl products when simple, honest paint offers more interest and life expectancy to signs. In many cases, these three alternatives will be more cost effective, saving businesses advertising dollars. It’s a win/win proposition: Save the environment and save money!

the green new deal in sign making my sister knits entry signHow We Used The Green New Deal For My Sister Knits

“My Sister Knits” liked the idea of the Green New Deal in sign making. They liked recycling the wood from another retired business sign, and, as a result, gave new life to otherwise wasted material. This is notable because of the formidable increase in the global environmental consciousness. The world over, business owners are seeking ways to involve themselves and their businesses in the Green New Deal effort. My Sister Knits wanted to be a part of the movement towards a sustainable future. Their signage reflects their commitment to this ideal.
The Green New Deal is not only closer than we think, but it’s a much wiser, economically sound, and environmentally responsible direction to take your business. Ask us about our Green New Deals in sign making for your next sign! Check out our sign boards at,
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