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Horsetooth Spirts signHorsetooth Spirits and Marketplace isn’t your average liquor store… or market, for that matter. Under one roof, the two newly transitioned businesses now offer unique items. For example, besides  the usual grocery products, the Marketplace offers canned snake and other game meats. It will also sell camping and boating provisions. Horsetooth Spirits, on the other hand, will focus on beer, wine and whiskies.

Dawn Isaacs, the new owner and manager of Horsetooth Spirits and Marketplace, wants to introduce fine wines to the Horsetooth Lake area. Recently, the unincorporated community has experienced an increase of AirBnBs and other short term rental businesses. This growth has created a diverse market for vacationer’s needs. Additionally, weekend traffic in the area has never been better. As a result, tourists and recreation crowds are keen to stock their rentals, camps and boats with quality food and drink from the new Horsetooth Spirits and Marketplace. Be sure to visit their website at,

How we made the Horsetooth Spirits signs

The search for an identity that suited Isaacs was the first consideration. Dawn had a soft spot for donkeys. Specifically, a pet donkey named Forest. However, the name, “Horsetooth,” presented an obvious problem. As a compromise, we arrived at a mule motif. Further, we used a cartooned mule for the new mascot logo since it can be interpreted as either a mule or a horse.

We hand-painted the two-sided signs on aluminum composite material. In addition, Isaacs wanted a reader board (the red unit on the right side of the sign). It allows her to advertise spirits, marketplace specials and store hours. When finished, we mounted the roadside signs inside the Isaacs’ existing wood frame.

Finally, for consistency, we took colors and features from the road sign and incorporated them into their lighted sign and entryway sign, complete with chalkboard.horsetooth spirits and market place lighted signhorsetooth spirits and marketplace door sign

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