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The design and craftsmanship of a beautiful, hand-crafted product gives that work a unique cachet. This is true whether it’s crafted furniture, jewelry, a work of fine art, or a hand-crafted sign. Further, as time goes by and reputations grow, the body of work created in any genre becomes well-known and appreciated. Similarly, Paxton Signs’ hand-crafted signs have grown in popularity and demand. For more than 40 years, we’ve created hundreds of beautifully designed, hand-crafted signs. We like to call them “communication art signs.”

Creative excellence, plain or fancy

From design, to construction, to the finished piece, we put our decades of experience into each and every communication art project. Our design skills and sensibilities set us apart from fast-sign franchises, as does our attention to each customer’s marketing needs.  Whether plain or fancy, a Paxton Sign features every creative consideration from start to finish.

Materials matter

communication art kosher bistroWe use only the best materials, including recycled options when requested. Our paint products are the highest-quality industry standard. In addition, we always use THREE coats of paint on every sign requiring it. When routing, carving or sandblasting, we utilize production techniques practiced for hundreds of years; even thousands, when applying gold or metal leaf.

A hand-crafted Paxton Sign communicates more than your business name. It projects skill, creativity, and hand-crafted quality.

We specialize in communication art!

Paxton Signs’ galleries include hundreds of signs and vehicles. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs, signs made from recycled wood, hand-painted signs, carved signs, vehicle and fleet graphics – a continuous variety of communication art, serving Fort Collins, northern Colorado, and surrounding mountain communities.

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