Lucky Stars Residence Sign

Aug 5, 2020 | Residence and Resort Signs | 0 comments

lucky_stars_residence_signThe warm cachet of wood is even warmer when recycled cedar is used to create a new product. We designed the Lucky Stars residence sign to be eco-friendly by re-purposing cedar pickets. Additionally, an appealing benefit of using older, recycled wood is that it has already completely dried. For this reason, there is little chance of warping or movement as with unseasoned new wood. A simple, periodic application of linseed oil will maintain the finished product for decades.

Designing the Lucky Stars residence sign…

We designed the sign for the owners of an Estes Park Airbnb. They loved the idea and beauty of using the recycled cedar pickets. The design is simple: a custom-cut, 16″ x 24″ glued, recycled wood panel with inviting hand-painted graphics. Using recycled cedar means the finished sign will have blemishes and inconsistencies, but these are desirable. We’ve shown the entire process from start to finish, below.

Incidentally, we think the name, Lucky Stars, is especially appropriate. Anyone who’s spent time in Colorado’s high country has seen the state’s dramatic night skies. And, with the Continental Divide as a backdrop, you can bet your “lucky stars” you won’t forget the experience!

Below, top left to right: We selected the best cedar fence pickets. Then, we glued and custom-cut the sign’s shape. Next, we sanded it, then applied linseed oil for a deep, rich finish.. Bottom row, left to right:  We painted and lettered the graphics and name.

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