The 2020 COVID Pandemic

Dec 1, 2020 | Commercial Business and New Signs | 0 comments

the 2020 covid pandemic jpgUnfortunately, the 2020 COVID pandemic impacts every single one of us whether at home, work or play. Throughout the pandemic, we’re committed to doing what’s necessary to keep our clients and our community safe.

Physical distancing and wearing masks changed the way we approach business. It’s challenged us to find solutions outside the norm, including technology-based solutions. That said, we haven’t changed our commitment to provide the same high level of communication art, products and service to our customers. In fact, the changes we’ve implemented allow us to collaborate and innovate in more meaningful ways than we expected.

Technology-based solutions

COVID computer photoOur technology-based solutions utilize online exchanges and phone conversations with our customers. This includes initial discussions, design decisions and subsequent transactions. From start to finish, we manage the entire process via computer and phone. In addition, we survey the designated area for sign placement according to city and county regulations. Once these preliminary measures are in place, we create the sign in our shop. Upon completion, either we install the sign or deliver it, or the customer picks it up at our location. The entire process is done remotely. However, if you choose to visit us in person, you will find us wearing masks and distancing as much as possible.

The customer always has full control

After agreeing on project essentials, and with the standard commitment of a sign deposit, Paxton Signs then provides several design options, again, via email. The customer always has full control of the process, including any revisions. Complimentary progress photos are available on request.

We’ll make your sign search easier and safer

Paxton Signs is doing what we can to keep our clients and our community safe. Throughout the 2020 COVID pandemic experience, we have one goal: To make your sign search better, easier and safer. By utilizing digital technology, we’ve turned sign acquisition into a pleasant process – one that is COVID careful and COVID safe.  Call us soon! Let Paxton Signs help you with your new sign and fleet graphics.

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