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Feb 9, 2021 | handcrafted custom signs, Recycled Repurposed Sustainable Signs

associates in periodontics signLately, customers seem to prefer signs made with recycled or repurposed materials. For example, Associates in Periodontics liked the idea of using old cedar fence pickets. Additionally, they liked combining seasoned “old” wood with snazzy “new” gold leaf graphics. Of course, we did, too!

When old meets new

Interestingly, there’s an attractive, fusion when revived old wood and shimmering gold leaf share the same artistic space. Ultimately, it’s as if the two materials were destined to co-exist in 21st century art and outdoor advertising. With this in mind, we went to work designing and building their 27″ x 42″ sign.

Building the Associates in Periodontics sign

Early on, our client liked the rustic cachet of exposed roofing nails, and lots of them. In addition, the nails served to strengthen the sign. First, we selected and cut the fence pickets. Next, we sanded and stained them. Then, we combined two gold leafing techniques: First, we gold-leafed the AIP logo in 23k gold. Additionally, this included an interior gold leaf border. Then, we surrounded both with a wider, multi-colored, gold leaf border. Last, we gold-leafed the entire clinic’s name. Finally, we added an attractive powder-coated, metal frame. The result was a sign with rustic elegance.

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Is gold leaf right for your business?

Likely, it is! Boutiques, restaurants, specialty shops, ranches, residence signs, boats, all can showcase the dazzling effects of gold leaf. Call us at, 970-221-5519.

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