Little Bear Recycled Sign

May 25, 2021 | Recycled Repurposed Sustainable Signs

little bear signWe embrace the idea of eco-friendly signs. They’re a key part of what we do. Sustainability is important to us in our signs and production methods. Consequently, we strive to make eco-friendly signs a desirable feature of our business services. This is especially true for customers who seek repurposed materials in their signage. The Little Bear recycled sign, pictured, is one such sign ordered by an environmentally conscientious client.

How we made the Little Bear Recycled Sign

One of the best ways to impact our “green” commitment is to incorporate more sustainable materials. For example, Little Bear’s sign is made from 100% recycled cedar fence pickets. By using individually different pickets, we created a deep, rich and varied background texture. Ultimately, it gave the sign authenticity.

Further, signs made from recycled materials have a unique nostalgic appearance. This is true whether retaining the original look of the recycled material or transforming it into something entirely new.  For Little Bear, we sanded and stained the pickets, then attached them to a recessed frame. The end result is a sign with nostalgic interest.

For the LITTLE BEAR letters, we used custom-shaped aluminum cutouts. Then, for more interest, we added burnished aluminum domed discs. These metallic discs embellish each letter. Next, we added more discs as graphic elements, placing them across the sign. Finally, we added a thin border using turquoise blue paint. The end result? A sign that is exactly what Little Bear had in mind.

Environmentally Friendly Signs That Meet Your Needs

Paxton Signs strives to meet your needs and the needs of an environmentally conscious community. If you’re searching for sustainable materials for your signage, we can help. Call us today about our comprehensive design and sign services: 970-221-5519, or use the contact feature, above.

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