Muley Park Custom Sign Repair

Jun 14, 2021 | Custom Repaired Signs

muley park finished sign

Occasionally, we’re asked to repair signs, wood art and other damaged outdoor items. Oftentimes, repairs include vandalized or severely weathered items like the Muley Park custom sign repair, (pictured). In this case, the Muley signs were special: You see, Paxton Signs produced the signs 31 years ago! Needless to say, that’s a very long life span for any sign. They definitely needed attention.

How we did the Muley Park custom sign repair…

For starters, the signs were made of sandblasted redwood. Consequently, repairing the damaged substrate was our first consideration. First, we filled the knotholes.To do this, we glued in pre-sized wooden dowels cut to fit the empty holes. Then, we used carpenter’s wood filler. This repaired and reshaped broken letters and smoothed uneven wear. Next, we sanded the repairs. Finally, we layered the signs with three coats of exterior paint. Once covered, the repairs were invisible. The Muley Park HOA installed the signs.

muley park finished hanging sign

Pictured below: Photos of the weathered, 31 year-old Muley Park signs, both overhead and ground level. Included are detailed photos of the damage.

We specialize in Communication Art!

Paxton Signs’ more than 40 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. In addition, we’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs and signs made from recycled wood. We specialize in hand-painted, hand-carved signs, and sign repair. Also, we offer vehicle and fleet graphics.In addition, Paxton Signs provides a continuous variety of communication art for Fort Collins, northern Colorado, and the surrounding mountain areas.

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