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Oct 5, 2021 | Gold Leaf Hand Carved Hand Painted Signs

creature comforts gold leaf signThe sign industry uses gold leaf as a handcrafted application. In fact, Paxton Signs uses the same tools today as the Egyptians did when they created their magnificent gold leafed art. For this reason, the incredible durability of gold surpasses applications such as vinyl and paint. Over time, gold leaf will outlast those materials by many years. It is resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions. Incredibly, Egyptian gold leafed treasures are still in pristine condition after 5000 years!

Is it a good choice for your business?

Generally, professionals like lawyers and doctors choose gold leaf. Businesses that want to project upscale appeal, such as horse enterprises, jewelers, resort areas, boutiques, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and golf courses, like gold leaf. Additionally, vehicle and boat owners who desire upscale graphics find gold’s sumptuous sheen irresistible. As mentioned, gold leaf is durable. It’s common for gold sign graphics to last 20 years.

Is there an alternative to gold leaf?

Yes! Paxton Signs offers an alternative to real gold leaf. This includes, metal leafing using silver, aluminum, platinum, and variegated gold leafing. Metallic paint is another economical choice. It produces a metallic-like finish. It’s flexible, non-flammable, non-toxic, weather and fade-resistant, and adheres to wood, metal, vinyl and other substrates. Paxton Signs uses it for faux finishes and glazing. Gold paint usually lasts around seven years, depending on climate conditions. Needless to say, gold paint and other metallic leafing won’t have the luster of 23-karat gold leaf.

The timeless appeal of magnificent gold leaf…

The investment you make in your marketing efforts says a great deal about your business. It speaks volumes to your customers about your image. Why not make it memorable? Considering the additional years of useful advertising that gold leaf offers, your decision to use magnificent gold leaf will be one you will be happy with for many years.

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