Powder River Art Gallery II

Oct 20, 2021 | Commercial Business and New Signs, handcrafted custom signs

powder river storefrontThe Powder River Art Gallery II is owned and curated by Anna Bilderback. Currently, the gallery is located in Old Town Fort Collins. Inside, you’ll find superb western, Indian and wildlife art.

At one time, Anna traveled the world to study art. Specifically, while in Europe, she studied in as many galleries and museums as she could manage. Afterwards, when she returned to the U.S., she started the first Powder River Art Gallery in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Needless to say, the Old Town gallery’s street appeal had to reflect the high-quality work within. And, Anna wanted to use her gallery’s logo script. What’s more, those letters had to fit within a specified area above the front door. Importantly, this area would be lighted by four copper goose neck lamps.

Simple sign language…

As usual, the best approach was to keep the graphics and elements simple. We did this by emphasizing the gallery’s name. In addition, we enhanced the letters by using dark blue dingbats. We placed these in each of the four corners. Ultimately, these art elements draw attention to the name, Powder River Art Gallery II.

Reproducing Powder River Gallery’s logotype…

First, we hand-cut the gallery’s logo script from aluminum composite material. Then, each letter was filed and sanded to a smooth finish. Next, we painted each letter with Rustoleum spray paint. To finish, the letters were mounted to the sign face. To do this, we sunk and adhered flat-head screws as studs into the backs of each letter. In addition, the dark blue dingbats were hand-cut. Last, these were sanded and triple-painted.

View Powder River Gallery’s fine western art portfolio at, www.powderriverartgallery.net

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