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Nov 12, 2021 | Lighted Signs, Storefront signs

four paws storefront sign four paws storefront signOf all the signs available today, storefront and lighted signs are probably the most common. These commercial business signs range from dimensional, to paint and vinyl. Some even have moving parts!

Of course, storefront signs are the first on-site impression customers have of any business. So, visibility matters most. However, appearance is a close second. This includes, design, font selection, layout and craftsmanship. In addition, custom-cut letters and gold leaf add interest (as in the Four Paws storefront sign, pictured). But, for way-finding purposes, the ease of passersby locating your entrance simply can’t be overstated. What’s more, storefront and lighted signs viewed from the street, in traffic, need to be particularly visible.

Simple is always better

As with all storefront and lighted signs, the more direct the message, the better. Meaning, only essential words are necessary to convey a business identity. Further, if the business name is lengthy – say, three or more words – we advise emphasizing a single word, maybe two. For example, if the business name is, “Sullivan’s Sports Tavern,” the word “Sullivan’s” is the main idea. “Sports Tavern,” then, is a sub-header. However, “Sports Tavern” could also be the main focus, with “Sullivan’s” as the sub-header. In the end, it really depends on what a business wants to emphasize. See examples, below:

Storefront signs are essential marketing tools

A strong business identity needs to be easy to see. This, coupled with good design, should be the goal of any sign creation. With thoughtful planning, interesting design and quality craftsmanship, storefront signs are every business’s best and essential marketing tool. Call Paxton Signs today for your storefront or lighted sign at, 970-221-5519.

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