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Jan 10, 2022 | Vehicle and Fleet Graphics | 0 comments

aspen plumbing vehicle graphicVehicle and fleet graphics are effective marketing tools. Except when they aren’t. Why? Because most designers over-think and over-design their simple, intended purpose.

To wrap or not to wrap…

It’s normal for business owners to expect the absolute most out of their vehicle lettering, i.e., the more information, the better, right? Fill every square inch with as much information as possible; more bang for the buck, as they say. If only that were true. Unfortunately, most digital wraps fall into this category.

Potentially, digital wraps offer effective marketing appeal. However, many wrap designers end up doing just the opposite. That is, they cover the vehicle surface with disorganized, unnecessary elements (see photos, below). Literally, they hope to make a complex sales pitch while speeding down the highway. And they fail. The lesson? Simple design is always better design.

Why simple is better

Take a look at the first example of a Paxton Signs lettered vehicle, Aspen Plumbing. Notice its clean, direct message using only essential, necessary information. It announces Who and What is rolling by with strong, clean, readable graphic elements. POW! All you need to know at a glance. Now, look at the two wrapped vehicles (above). Notice how the vans appear cluttered, confusing and ineffective. Where to look first? What are they selling? As you can plainly see, simple, effective graphics are always better.

And, the really great news? Not only will the Paxton Signs van get noticed – because it’s designed more effectively and efficiently – but the VALUE of the design is greater than those expensive wraps. This becomes even more apparent as time passes. Vehicle wraps wear, tear and fade much sooner than hand-painted graphics.

Call Paxton Signs today for a BETTER VALUE BID on your next vehicle or fleet. We believe simple design is better design. It’s also much more affordable!

We specialize in Communication Art

Paxton Signs’ more than 41 year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are major monument signs, some small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs and signs made from recycled wood. We specialize in hand-painted and carved signs. We offer vehicle and fleet graphics. Paxton Signs provides a continuous variety of communication art for Fort Collins, northern Colorado and the surrounding mountain areas.

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