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Feb 4, 2022 | Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

ArborCo billboardAs we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, Paxton Signs is dedicated to simple, effective design. We say, “no” to muddying up visual advertising space with too much information; No, to tiny, unreadable print; No, to unsightly, crowded layouts. Instead, we say, “yes” to large, dynamic graphics, concise messaging, and overall simplicity.

Generally, these tried-and-true practices apply to all signs. However, they are crucial in vehicle advertising. Why? Because business vans, trucks, and cars become rolling billboards speeding down streets and highways. Naturally, motorists try to decipher the messages on these moving targets. And, that can be a problem.

So, simplicity is paramount. Check out the ArborCo truck, pictured above. Instead of unnecessary busy lettering and graphics, the finished look is clean and effective. Immediately, you know what the service is because the message is clear. But, what about cost? Hand painting or vinyl lettering are a fraction of the cost for vehicles covered with wraps, or those with too much info.

Rolling Billboards = Safety First!

Consider this: In city traffic or on an interstate highway, safety is paramount. It follows, then, that busy vehicle graphics are dangerous because they are, 1) confusing, and, 2) distracting. That is, of course, IF they can even be read due to crowded, complicated graphics and lettering. So, pity the driver who follows too closely, trying to read muddled details about a hot tub they’ve been wanting!

Further, the more sophisticated the advertising technology is, the more dangerous it is. To date, in California, there is proposed legislation to ban lighted, digital rolling billboards for the simple reason that they create hazards by distracting drivers. In short, when it comes to all signs, less is more. Particularly when the sign is moving.

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