gold leaf residence signShimmering gold leaf is seductive. It’s worthy of statuary and ancient tombs for the gods. Historically, it adorns countless works of art and centuries of architecture.

The Egyptians were the first to perfect the metal leafing process.Their techniques haven’t changed for thousands of years. Factoid: golden Egyptian treasures are still in pristine condition after 5000 years!

Today, gold leafing is used in architecture, fine art and commercial enterprises. For example, the sign industry uses it as a handcraft application. In fact, we use the same tools as when the ancient leafers created their magnificent art. Furthermore, its incredible durability (and that of other metal leafing materials) surpasses applications like vinyl and paint. Over time, it will outlast those products by many years. Plus, it’s resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions. Notably, it’s common for leafed outdoor signs to last 20 years

Is it right for you?

Traditionally, businesses that want to project an upscale appeal choose gold leaf. Specifically, this includes lawyers, doctors, boutiques and jewelers. However, resort areas, horse enterprises, nightclubs, restaurants, and home owners often request it. In addition, vehicle and boat owners find gold to be the best choice. Again, considering its durability, it’s one of the most attractive mediums.

Are there other options?

Yes! Alternately, we offer options like paint and metal leafing. For example, metallic paint is economical and produces a metallic-like finish. In addition, it’s flexible, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Also, it is weather and fade-resistant. We use it for faux finishes and glazing. Typically, paint lasts around seven years, depending on climate conditions. Needless to say, it does not have the luster of 23-karat gold.

But wait! All that glitters is not gold! That is, there are other metallic leafing options. These include, copper, silver, and variegated metal leafing, pictured above. Each has its own luster and appeal.

An eye-catching investment

In short, the investment you make in your identity and marketing says a great deal about your business, your home or your property.  Further, considering the additional years of useful, eye-catching advertising that gold leaf offers, your choice to go gold will be one you’ll be happy with for many years.

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