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May 11, 2022 | Logo Identity and Marketing

colorado vapors logo type and finished signPaxton Signs offers a range of marketing design services. In fact, we’ve offered these services during most of our 41 years in the sign industry. For example, we’ve provided services ranging from concept, logo design, to finished sign and marketing. In addition, we’ve created logo and marketing identities for print applications, web formats, and vehicles. What’s more, we’ve even designed packaging for an energy drink company located in New Orleans.

Advertising consistency

Ultimately, it’s a good idea for any business to have consistent advertising. For example, choosing colors, advertising images, vehicle graphics and storefront imaging should all be considered. Of course, it’s the consistency of these factors that delivers successful marketing results. That is, memorable identities that customers require and rely on to find and use products and services. Needless to say, without consistency, marketing efforts are frayed, confusing and unprofessional.

For example…

Recently, we had the privilege of designing and producing much of Colorado Vapors’ marketing identity. This included logos, signs, posters, in-house print materials, in addition to anything else that came up.

First, a little history. Initially, Colorado Vapors was an e-cigarette store that specialized in e-cigs, e-juice and accessories. Eventually, they discontinued that product line. Instead, due to the national e-cig safety controversy, they decided to focus on CBD products. However, for this post, we’ll focus on our first association with them. To be sure, it was one of our most fun and creative collaborations.

Above, pictured, is Colorado Vapors’ storefront sign. First, we designed their logo based on preferences and usage. Logically, we then used their logotype for their storefront identity. Then, we designed the sign with a contemporary flair.

Below, pictured, are two logos and several in-store print projects. First, Colorado Vapor’s business logo. Next, the Storm Cloud logo and poster we designed for their new line of Storm Cloud e-juice. Last, we designed the label for Storm Cloud product sales info. For full view, click and scroll on the photos.

There are, in fact, important options for any business to consider for its marketing success. The more thorough, the better. Remember, the more consistent your advertising and marketing are, the better your message will be received. And, Paxton Signs can provide you with a variety of ideas and solutions for marketing success in Fort Collins, northern Colorado and the surrounding mountain areas.

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