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Jun 28, 2022 | Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

arborco grapple truckWe see them everyday, driving almost anywhere: vans, trucks, and cars that are transformed into rolling billboards while speeding down America’s streets and highways. Naturally, motorists try to read the messages on these moving targets. Some are easy to read, while others are rolling hazards. That, no doubt, can be a problem.

Solving the problem is easy: Simplicity. It’s paramount when designing a rolling billboard. For example, check out our recently hand-painted ArborCo grapple truck (pictured above). Instead of unnecessary busy lettering and graphics, the information is presented in a clean and effective format. Immediately, you know what the service is because the message is clear. And, you don’t have to wade through busy lettering and messy graphics to get the necessary information.

Better Value Vehicle Lettering and Graphics

But, what about cost? Fortunately, hand painted or vinyl lettered vehicles are well below those covered with busy, confusing wraps. Truth is, paint or vinyl offer better value. Paint, in particular, lasts much longer than wraps or vinyl. However, vinyl lettering also out-performs wraps in terms of surface wear and tear, washing, highway damage and UV ray deterioration. Again, paint is always the best and most durable approach.

Rolling Billboards = Safety First!

Consider this: In city traffic or on interstate highways, safety is paramount. It follows, then, that busy vehicle graphics are potentially dangerous because they are, 1) usually complicated, 2) confusing, and, 3) distracting. That is, of course, IF they are even readable. So, pity the driver who follows too closely while trying to read muddled details about a hot tub they’ve been wanting!

Ultimately, lessons can be learned from major corporations – COKE, UPS, XFINITY, SAFEWAY – and their three rules of rolling billboard advertising: simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.  In short, when it comes to any sign, less is more, particularly when the sign is moving.

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