Time for a new sign!

Jul 25, 2022 | Commercial Business and New Signs

Paxton_sign_closeupTime for a new sign!

As with most businesses, making improvements to our business comes at a cost. And, usually, that cost is time. However, there’s another vexing consideration. That is, the curious inability to create, design and market one’s own identity. Surprisingly, this feat is always more difficult than doing the very same work for customers. Why it happens isn’t exactly clear, but it IS a stumbling block that happens to most creative enterprises, e.g., graphic designers, marketing firms, interior decorators, architects and, of course, sign makers. We just can’t seem to design for ourselves.

After what seemed like decades of procrastination, we finally found the time and the impetus to replace a very old and worn out (albeit, durable!) sign that had served us well. Unfortunately, we don’t have a recent photo of the aged trooper, but we do have the original design, pictured, below. For many, many years it brought customers to our shop and saw them leave with a sign they could be proud of and afford.

Considerations: Appearance and marketing continuity

Of course, our first consideration was the sign’s design. We decided on a sign that coordinated with our newly designed logo and website graphics. Further, it had to be bright, due to its location under a large tree that shades the area. In addition, we wanted to honor our ecological values by using recycled materials.

Paxton sign road view

The result is a sign built with recycled cedar fence pickets and existing, in-house materials. With a little whitewash stain on the recycled pickets, some custom-cut, black aluminum composite letters, and a pure white structure made of in-stock MDO plywood, we had our new sign: a simple, bright design that delivers effective, roadside results. We’re hoping it welcomes friends and customers to Paxton Signs for as many years as the old sign.

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