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Sep 28, 2022 | Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

Bretts electric vehicle letteringAs mentioned in previous posts, fleet and vehicle graphics advertising – aka, rolling billboards – is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool any business can utilize. Instead of customers trying to find your place of business, your business vehicles find them! They travel hundreds of miles every year, advertising your service, products, location, phone number and web address. Pretty nifty. However, it’s only effective IF your vehicles are legible.

“Rules of the Road”

There are a few advertising “rules of the road” that we incorporate into every vehicle we letter. Of course, the most important rule is your name and logo. Usually, businesses already have their type of service incorporated into their name. For example, Brett’s Electric, pictured above, is obvious. Our own business name, Paxton Signs, is immediately understood.

Additionally, contact information is crucial. That is, phone number and web address. Location information is optional, but not too much. Simplified, that means an address and town are sufficient. However, as in the case of Brett’s Electric, we simplified even more and used ONLY the phone number. Then, as mentioned, we included a carefully placed, limited list of services. Brett’s Electric’s list includes, Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

So, there you have it. Simple. Legible. Effective fleet and vehicle graphics.

A note on digital wraps

Remember, when your fleet vehicles are rolling down the road, there isn’t much time for the public to decipher involved, complicated graphics where the important “rules of the road” are lost in an over-designed presentation. Unfortunately, this often happens with digital wraps. Most are over-designed and confusing, with the essential information, literally, lost in the design. When considering an approach for your rolling billboards, consider our “rules of the road” and keep it simple. Your customers and your bottom line will thank you many times over.

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