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sign of christmas lake house signThinking about unique holiday gifts?

Signs of Christmas are here again at Paxton Signs. Now is the perfect time to order unique, personalized gifts for friends and family. Residence and cabin signs are gifts that they’ll enjoy all year long.

There are numerous  techniques available to create the styles, colors and textures you may have in mind. Interesting, hand-carved elements are popular. Sandblasted details and hand-painted illustrations always delight. Finally, custom frames and trim are great options that add an even more elaborate look.

Signs of Christmas: size, cost and custom orders

Most residence and cabin signs measure 12” x 20” vertically or horizontally, although some are 36″ wide. Also, most are designed with either names or addresses along with a decorative element and border. However, all of these features can be incorporated, including color choices.

We recommend using high density urethane instead of wood. This material is, by far, a better choice than wood. It’s always available and is much more durable. It also looks exactly like wood when stained or painted.

Sign sizes vary for most custom orders, as well as design detail. For example, illustrations and gold leafing require extra time and charges. Depending on the detail work involved, the average residence sign will run approximately $350-$450.

Now is the time to order your Christmas sign!

A handcrafted residence or cabin sign will last decades. Furthermore, a quality Paxton sign is a good investment. It’s one you’ll be proud to give and appreciate every time you visit the happy recipients. That said, since each sign is custom designed and built, ample time is needed to produce it by Christmas. Now is the perfect time to order.

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