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Dec 30, 2022 | hand-painted signs

sunset ridge hand-painted sign installedAs with most communication disciplines – including commercial signs – production methods, styles and techniques have come and gone. Globally, the human exchange of information has progressed from word of mouth, to stone symbols; from painting on papyrus to ink-fed printing presses; from typewriters to our current digital exchanges. However, today, in the sign industry, there’s an unexpected reversal: a hand-painting revival.

Historically, in the sign industry, hand-painting was once the preferred, affordable and immediate way to communicate on-site business information – specifically, signs. For centuries, it was the mainstay of the commercial sign industry. That is, until the invention of vinyl materials and digital printing. These techniques provided faster and cheaper ways of producing commercial signs, but they weren’t (and aren’t) environmentally friendly. Although the methods are still worthwhile, hand-painted signs offer better durability, more creative artistic options, environmentally green properties, and the now-popular revival sentiment.

Pictured, below, is a recent example of hand-painting and air-brushing for the Sunset Ridge neighborhood. The first photo is the layout we presented to Sunset Ridge. The next two show how air-brushing allows the artist to incorporate subtle color changes and effects that serve as the sign’s background. The finished sign is pictured, above.

The surprising onslaught of requests for retro hand-painted signs is definitely in full revival mode. From residence signs to commercial and storefront signs, customers now ask for hand-painted everything, including company vehicles and specialty items.

Whether it’s the traditional “hand of the artist” cachet or, simply, the durability of hand-painted signs, customers like the centuries-old technique. The hand-painting revival is a sure sign that quality, tradition and craftsmanship are important considerations when making advertising decisions. That, and because hand-painting is just cool!

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