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custom monument signYou’ve probably seen many custom monument signs. They’re everywhere in Northern Colorado. In fact, they’re everywhere, globally. But, even though they’re common, each one tells a different story, with directives that indicate who (identity), what (product) and where (its placement). The Ted J. Carter monument sign, pictured, is an example of simplicity and refinement of those three directives.

What is a monument sign?

It’s a broad term, but generally it implies a large, free-standing sign structure in front of a building or business location. In addition, it can be single faced or double faced. Of course, each monument sign is unique. However, some are over-the-top complex, listing names and other directives. For example, hospitals and airports often have complex monument signs.

Worth noting: movable monument signs are also available. We’ve built a few that allow businesses to move signs around their locations, or to a new site altogether. A great example of this is the Arenus sign, below.

movable custom monument signSize varies

Usually, monument signs are completely custom and can be any size. Some cities, counties, and residential communities place restrictions – sign codes – on size, either for traffic safety, zoning, or aesthetic reasons.

What materials are used?

A monument sign has two components: 1) the sign itself; and 2) the platform on which the sign sets. These two parts can be made from different materials. However, the most common materials for both are high density urethane, metal, wood, brick, or stone. The Ted J. Carter sign is constructed of 20 pound, 1″ thick, high density urethane (HDU). The HDU faces are reinforced with 3/4″ exterior grade plywood. However, its base is constructed of 100% plywood. The base is used to conceal the sign’s 4″x4″ support posts.

Finally, the information – the directives – are sandblasted into the HDU. Then, the entire sign is finished with three coats of latex acrylic house paint.

Below, photos of the finished sign and plywood base.


The life of a monument sign depends on the materials used. Of course, metal, stone, or brick are the most durable. However, the HDU, triple-painted Carter sign should last at least 20 to 25 years.


Pricing for a monument sign varies a great deal. However, factors impacting price include material, size, design and layout, and installation requirements.

The custom monument sign process

Design, fabrication, and installation of a monument sign can take from three weeks to several months.  Factors include: initial consultation, design process, materials used, permits required, and inspections needed.

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