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Aug 2, 2023 | hand-painted signs

Golden Prairie hand-painted sign closeupHand-painted signs are very popular these days. Business owners appreciate the stroke of a brush and the beauty found in this traditional form of advertising art. Recently, while producing the hand-painted Golden Prairie sign, we found ourselves nostalgic for the culture and history that was once an essential and valued part of American advertising. Every opportunity that we get to add to that cachet is a chance to rekindle – to relive – the appreciation for hand-painting. It’s been a long time coming and we welcome the comeback.

Computers: the beginning of the end

At one time, hand-painted signs were the ONLY signs available. However, after centuries of dominance, the first sign of decline came in the 1980s when hand-painting lost popularity to computers. This is also when vinyl cutting first made an appearance.

The 90s proved even more disastrous. Inkjet printers and digital design impacted everything. Window stickers, banners, business signs and vehicle wraps were merely keystrokes away. They could be produced on broad sheets of printed vinyl, saving hours of hand-painting effort. Hand-painted strokes and unique lettering styles disappeared, as well as the crafted beauty and durability of hardened paint.

Golden Prairie hand-painted sign installedHand-painted Golden Prairie Sign: the hand of the artist

Lately, however, businesses like Golden Prairie are turning to sign painters to convey a sense of individuality and artistic quality. They want their signs to stand out, to last, and to communicate authenticity. In addition, they are aware that having something hand-painted is something more personal, something they can point to – an artist, a person – rather than a vinyl cutting machine. As a result, this recent hand-painting revival suggests a renewed national interest in crafted and handmade work. Moreover, it revives the amazing history that surrounds the trade. www.kcet.org/shows/departures/the-street-museum-sign-painting-as-art-and-history

Simple tools – limitless possibilities

Even though we offer a full range of sign making methods and techniques, we also specialize in hand-painted signs. The tools of the trade are simple, but the possibilities are almost limitless. We would like to show you how hand-painting can enhance your image AND your bottom line.

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