Lifechange Services Tenant Sign

May 23, 2024 | Tenant Panel Signs

Lifechange Services tenant panel signThe Lifechange Services tenant sign is a great example of businesses collaborating to produce a sign that benefits all of the parties involved.

Oftentimes, a tenant sign is the only option available for service-oriented businesses. For example, psychiatry, yoga, counseling, acupuncture, pilates, alternative medicine, as well as other types of personal services, are the types of businesses located in office buildings that need name and locator information.

By utilizing a common header panel, such as the one shown in the Lifechange Services tenant sign photo, all of the businesses concerned can take advantage of the general category called “Lifechange Services.” However, each business can then advertise its individual business in the tenant panels located under the header panel. What’s more, as the businesses cycle in and out of the building for various reasons, the tenant panels can be easily changed out.

Materials used for the Lifechange Services tenant sign

First, we used plywood as the background substrate for the entire Lifechange Services sign. Plywood is sturdy and can hold the screws necessary to mount the header panel and the ten tenant panels. We painted the plywood white to contrast with the black tenant panels.

Then, we cut the orange header letters from Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). These were then dome-shaped by spreading each letter with epoxy that sets up in a pleasing, dimensional, curved-shape surface. The yellow flower artwork is representative of sun rays, something the Lifechange clients preferred.

Finally, the individual tenant panels are cut from black ACM. Then, each business name is computer-cut from white vinyl. As mentioned, the tenant panels can be easily changed out.

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