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Oct 20, 2023 | hand-painted billboards

monaghan ranch billboardNormally, our sign services don’t include large billboards. Our product selections are geared toward business storefront signs, custom-made signs, sandblasted signs, gold leaf signs, painted signs, farm and ranch signs, residential and HOA signs, and, of course, vehicle graphics and lettering. Occasionally, we produce wall graphics and murals. Since nearly all billboards are produced by using super-sized, digitally printed vinyl, we know they are not our market. So, when Monaghan Ranch called us about replacing their weather-damaged 8′ x 32′ billboard, we asked them what they had in mind. What they had in mind was a unique, HAND-PAINTED billboard! All 256 square feet of it. Painted.

Did we mention “hand-painted?” Since most large billboards are digitally produced, hand-painting means that every square inch of the surface must see either a paint roller or a paintbrush. What’s more, the eight individual 4′ x 8′ panels needed to replace the existing old and damaged surfaces would have to be light enough to lift in place and attach to the old panels; this, rather than tearing the entire billboard apart and rebuilding from scratch. Makes sense.

Why did Monaghan Ranch want paint?

So, why paint? It comes down to durability in construction, surface toughness, and paint color integrity. Specifically, Monaghan wanted paint because it simply would outlast digital prints that would disintegrate much sooner. Smart.

Below, two photos of the hand-painted billboard in progress.

Materials used

The eight panels used are made of aluminum composite material – lightweight, durable, with a polyethylene core. They offer excellent paint adhesion and are superior in durability to conventional signboard. In addition, because the billboard faces northeast, the paint color integrity will remain bright and fresh for many years. As always, we factor in sign longevity so we used TWO coats of paint!

The new Monaghan billboard will be installed in a few days and will show the way (U.S. Hwy 287, south of Laramie) to one of the outstanding ranches in the great state of Wyoming.

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