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Apr 19, 2024 | Repair or Replace Signs

Sometimes, even the best-built and well-designed signs simply wear out. When this happens, no amount of stripping, sanding, filling, painting, or TLC can rescue them. Usually, these irretrievable signs have been standing for decades, developing so many problems that repairing them would be more expensive than building new ones. The Harmony Mill sign (pictured) is one such candidate for sign replacement instead of a repair or refurbishment.

Signs of wear and tear

After decades of useful service, the Harmony Mill sign eventually warped, separated, deteriorated, and faded to such an extent that it couldn’t be saved. Additionally, the sign has two-sides, with different wear issues on each side. There were even problems trying to determine the original paint colors!

From start to nearly finished…

Work began with preparing and shaping the substrates (for both sides), using High Density Urethane – HDU. First, we sandblasted the HDU substrates for dimension. Then, the surfaces had to be primed with two coats of primer for best coverage. Finally, the detail painting began. This meant THREE coats of surface and detail paint, giving the substrates superior durability in Colorado’s changing and damaging weather conditions.

Below: photos of the black outline shadow on the artistic elements. Also, the beginning stages of finish paint application.

The reveal!

The finished Harmony Mill sign replacement is now installed (using the original, existing posts). After attaching a tenant sign panel (below the main sign), the new two-sided sign will stand in the original location for many decades to come.

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