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Feb 13, 2024 | Sign Panel Replacement

Sign panel replacement photo free standingSigns come in many different sizes, shapes and formats. Usually, most are single-subject identities that grab the attention of drivers and passers-by. But, what happens when multiple businesses located in an office building all need advertising? You guessed it: Large, permanent signs that offer identity panels featuring business names and sometimes logos. Unsurprisingly, in the course of business lifetimes, many sign panels must be replaced when new businesses move into vacated spaces. Sign panel replacement is a service we’ve always offered to large, multi-business locations.

Pictured, above, is a preexisting, free-standing sign with multiple advertising sign panels. Recently, we replaced the lower panel for Law Offices – Sutherland & Connor. Below are more examples of Paxton Signs’ panel replacements.

Sign Panel Replacement Basics

Sign panels aren’t the most creative service we offer, but panel replacement is a basic service that’s always in demand. Here are a few replacement basics:

  • First, the bulk of panel replacements require a substrate of aluminum composite material, acrylic plastic, poly-carbonate, or occasionally, sign board (plywood).
  • Second, lettering applications are usually routed, painted, digitally printed or vinyl cut.
  • Third, sometimes we can create simple logos by using most of the above techniques.
  • Fourth, panel replacement is usually quick, easy and very affordable.

Panel Types Vary

Sutherland building sign panel replacementOf course, there’s no cut-and-dry sign panel format in the business world. For example, another Sutherland & Connor Law Office panel (pictured) is featured inside a custom-cut building alcove. The two businesses share the space, with the first business (probably determined by leasing date) featured on top. Nevertheless, the two panels are equally visible and both command attention.

For many businesses, sign panels are the only way they can advertise at their physical locations. However, the upside is that sign panels are affordable and easily changed out. Call us for your sign panel or sign replacement consult at, 970-221-5519

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