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Mar 26, 2024 | Business Signs

Big_Thompson_photoStarting a new business, or moving an existing business to a new location, entails a laundry list of seemingly never-ending considerations. One of the most pressing involves advertising and marketing. Inevitably, it’s a concern every business owner faces: what kind of new sign do I need?

We’ve put together a helpful list of the most common types of business signs and their uses.

Types of Business Signs

Below, is a list of the most common types of business signs:

  • Storefront signs
  • Dimensional signs
  • Painted signs
  • Panel insert signs
  • Monument signs
  • Billboards
  • Window lettering and graphics

Storefront Signs

Many times, location determines what kind of sign is required. Oftentimes, shopping malls or strip malls determine a sign’s parameters. There, LIGHTED STOREFRONT SIGNS (pictured, above) are the only option. These types of signs require installed housing cabinets, channel lettering, and electric power. They can be pricey. But, the good news is, lighted storefront signs are highly visible during daytime AND nighttime. That’s a win, win!

Other STOREFRONT SIGNS don’t require internal lighting and use standard sign-making techniques like paint, sandblasting, vinyl and dimensional layering. These signs are often externally illuminated using goose neck fixtures. The photo, below, displays twin dimensional, painted, storefront signs on a brick office building.

life light creative KW realty sign

Dimensional and Painted Signs

Similarly, most rejuvenated downtown areas resemble the shopping mall or strip mall experience and have sign codes that restrict size and placement. However, they encourage unique ideas that add artistic interest to the area’s cachet. The Little Bird Bakeshop sign, below, is an example of sandblasted, DIMENSIONAL and PAINTED SIGNS.

Little Bird Bake Shop entrance canopy

Of the two categories, dimensional signs are popular because they feature routed, hand-carved or sandblasted textures, in addition to paint and metal-leafing finishes. However, painted signs can be rendered as faux dimensional signs by using artistic layering and shadowing techniques. Overall, the result is signs loaded with interest and appeal.

Panel Insert Signs

Sutherland building sign panel replacement

Businesses, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, have available  even less area in which to advertise. Consequently, PANEL INSERT SIGNS are their only option. Usually, these signs are made with vinyl, paint, or water-jet cutting (resembles routing). Sometimes, there’s enough space to include logos. But, most have room for only a name and business category.

Monument Signs

movable custom monument sign

Of all the sign types, MONUMENT SIGNS offer the most visibility and creativity. Oftentimes, these signs are made from a variety of substrates that offer interest and texture. There are multiple design techniques available that you usually won’t find on other types of signs. For example, organic elements, creative fabrications, large carvings, metal work, metal-leafing and dynamic, layered surfaces are all techniques employed by the sign industry.

Monument signs range in size from ranch and HOA signs, all the way to massive corporate structures. Usually, the support structures are as much a part of the design as the interior graphics. The Arenus Sign, above, is a movable monument sign.


Monaghan ranch new billboard

Usually, BILLBOARDS are the most visible of all business signs. However, it takes a lot of real estate to display a large billboard sign. These kinds of signs are, by necessity, painted rather than dimensional or sandblasted. Some are lighted, usually by exterior lighting hardware. When located along interstate highways and close to cities, many billboards are digital, illuminated, and feature movement with visually active (albeit, distracting) interest. Our shop produces standard, painted billboards, depending on location, size and code restrictions. The Monaghan sign, above, is a large, hand-painted, billboard sign measuring 8′ x 24′.

Window Lettering and Graphics

happenstance detail

Businesses that have plenty of window frontage benefit from using that space as valuable advertising square footage. The appeal of WINDOW LETTERING AND GRAPHICS gets even more interesting when you consider using gold and metal leafing techniques. Note: when an entire storefront window is involved, a permit is usually required.

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