Hand-lettered Vehicle Graphics

Nov 8, 2023 | Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

hand-lettered vehicle graphicsHand-lettered vehicle graphics. What are they? And why should you consider them?

Basically, when the time comes to letter your business or personal vehicles, you have available three standard industry choices: 1) vinyl vehicle wraps 2) vinyl lettering and graphics, and, 3) hand-painted vehicle lettering and graphics.

Vehicle Wraps

overdone vehicle vinyl wrap

Overdone vehicle wrap

The first choice – vehicle wraps – is currently the most popular. But, it also has the most unsuccessful outcomes. This is because many wraps are over-designed with way too much information that crowds every square inch of available space. Literally, the lettering and graphics wrap around most of the vehicle. It’s not that there aren’t tasteful, well-designed, appealing wraps – there are! However, and unfortunately, most wraps are filled with unnecessary information and gaudy, meaningless graphics. What’s more, they’re expensive and have short life-spans due to vehicle washings and weather-related wear, causing unavoidable product failure.

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

Brett's vehicle vinyl lettering

Van lettered with vinyl

The second choice – vinyl lettering and graphics – is much more affordable than vehicle wraps. Usually, this is because it requires less coverage and less material. However, color options are limited. For example, most popular colors – red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, gray, black, – are available, but not subtle values. So, color matching can be a problem. Also, while it’s true that colors can be combined, they can’t be blended because the material is opaque. However, there is the option of including digitally printed art elements for many designs.

Unfortunately, vinyl has the same short lifespan as wraps for the same reasons mentioned above. Even so, we offer vinyl lettering and graphics to our customers. Many choose this option over vehicle wraps. In addition, we offer vinyl on magnetic material for those who want removable vehicle identities.

Hand-lettered Vehicle Graphics

hand-lettered Quick van

A completely hand-lettered van, including large areas of color.

The third choice – hand-lettered vehicle graphics – is one we enthusiastically recommend. By far, hand-painted and lettered graphics are the most durable. Colors remain vivid for many years, through washings and weather-related wear. There are options for hand-painted color illustrations, color matching, graphics and even gold and metal leafing! Prices range between wraps and vinyl, but the durability factor looms large when customers consider trips back for vinyl or wrap replacements. With hand lettering and graphics, there are next to none.

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