New Colony Sign Upgrade

Nov 28, 2023 | Repair or Replace Signs

New Colony Apartments new sign

New Colony’s finished sign with new logo and repairs.

Eventually, all outdoor signs need to be repaired or replaced. Whether it’s paint fading and peeling, wood rotting, vandalism, age-related deterioration, warping or reactions to road and landscape chemicals, outdoor signs are destined to lose their luster and look shabby. Some are in serious need of a design upgrade as well. The New Colony sign upgrade is a good example of a timely redesign and repair; the visible graphics are deteriorating, as well as the addresses. But, there’s further, unseen water damage lurking behind the graphics, corroding the background wood panels.

Below, photos of the graphic deterioration and the water-damaged background panels. We’ve already resurfaced and primed the columns for repainting.

Materials matter

As you can see from the photos, above, damage happens even in hidden areas. Usually, after ten years, all signs will need repairs. However, our signs are designed, built and painted to last around fifteen years. Our gold leaf signs will last longer, around twenty or more years. Plastic, metal and lighted signs can last even longer. In fact, we replaced the New Colony large, house-shaped graphic with aluminum composite material. It will outlast any wood product by 20 to 30 years, although the paint might have to be refreshed. Even so, since we use exterior lettering enamel, the paint’s integrity is far better than other exterior paints.

The New Colony sign upgrade

The first step in repairing and replacing New Colony’s sign was to remove the old, disintegrating elements. Next, we repaired the background panels by refinishing and painting the old surfaces. The columns needed repair work as well. After resurfacing and filling holes, all of the repaired work was repainted. Meanwhile, in our shop, the new graphic panel took shape with New Colony’s newly designed logo (provided). After New Colony’s approval, we hand-painted all of the graphics and lettering. Voila! New Colony’s repaired sign is bigger, brighter and better.

Finished New Colony Apartments sign

Closeup of the new sign – bigger, brighter and better!

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