Monaghan Ranch’s New Billboard

Oct 25, 2023 | hand-painted billboards

Monaghan ranch new billboardAfter countless brush and roller strokes – but not much paint – Monaghan Ranch’s new 8′ X 32′ billboard is now in place. Amazingly, the entire billboard required just a half gallon of red paint, even after double coating! That’s because the white areas are formed using the composite substrate’s white  background.

We installed the eight painted panels of 4′ X 8′ aluminum composite material this past weekend. The fresh, new panels now cover the weathered and worn out billboard panels. The panels went up on a sunny, windless Saturday (unusual for windy Wyoming) at the ranch’s entrance, located just off of Hwy 287, between Ty Siding and Laramie, Wyoming. With the two coats of bright red and black paint, Monaghan Ranch’s new billboard is now refreshingly visible from the highway and will be for many years.

Why paint?

Simply, it comes down to increased surface toughness and paint color integrity. Specifically, Monaghan Ranch requested paint because it consistently outlasts digital prints that peel, fade and disintegrate much sooner.

Materials used

The eight 4′ X 8′ panels are made of aluminum composite material – lightweight, durable, with a polyethylene core. First and foremost, the substrate offers excellent paint adhesion and is superior in durability to conventional signboard. This means, it’s not subject to rot and deterioration. Because the billboard faces northeast, the red and black, exterior latex paint will be vibrant for many years. As mentioned, we factor in sign longevity, which is why we always use TWO coats of paint on all of our outdoor signage.

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