Virginia Dale Community Church Sign

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Virginia Dale sign Recently, Paxton Signs  updated the Virginia Dale Community Church sign. The historic church is located on Colorado’s beautiful and picturesque, wind-swept high plains, northwest of Fort Collins. It is in the Virginia Dale area, close to the Wyoming and Colorado state line.

The Virginia Dale area has the charm and expansive beauty of the old west.  As with most communities, the church has been a beacon for rural residents since 1880.

Historically, the church has seen many transformations. In 2004, a fire destroyed the original structure. As a result, after many area donations, the community rebuilt the church. Births, deaths, weddings and community fellowship have made it what it is today.

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virginia dale church site How we made the Virginia Dale Community Church sign

The sign required subtle design improvements. The customer requested using the original line drawing of the first structure. In addition, we added other art and design elements. To finish, we hand-painted the sign to withstand the area’s wind and weather events. We installed the new sign in an attractive existing frame. In addition, we created the Worship Service sign, pictured, at the entrance to the church. It, too, is hand-painted. Both signs are covered in several layers of paint that will ensure years of visibility and integrity.

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