Everyday Joe’s Dimensional Sign

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everyday joe's coffee house signPaxton Signs has worked with many faith-based organizations. Over the years, we’ve helped them create and construct their storefront and office signs. Such is the case for Every Day Joe’s dimensional sign.

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House is the community outreach of Timberline Old Town. At present, it’s located in Fort Collins, CO. The coffee house seeks to benefit and serve their neighborhood. The enterprise started by making the best cup of coffee they could for anyone who came through their doors. Since then, they’ve continued to brew quality coffee everyday.

The coffee house hosts concerts, community events, and art installations. They believe in “good creativity, good causes, and good work.” More than thirty volunteers power Everyday Joe’s. First and foremost, these folks practice what they preach. And, what they preach is love and acceptance.

For events, space rental, volunteering, or other questions, contact Everyday Joe’s Coffee House at, http://www.everydayjoes.org/

How we made Everyday Joe’s dimensional sign

In 2005, Everyday Joe’s Coffee House contracted us to design and construct a storefront sign for their church-related business. We designed the sign as a single-face sign. It measures 3 1/2′ x 10′.  We fabricated it from 1/2” thick MDO plywood. We cut it to shape and painted it with a “faux” background texture. The logo and “COFFEE HOUSE” are cutouts of High Density Urethane (HDU). The Everyday Joe’s logo appears on two levels.  We beveled the letters, “COFFEE HOUSE,” around the entire perimeter of each letter. Then, we rendered the remainder text in premium quality, self-adhesive vinyl. Finally, we hand-painted all surfaces with oil enamel or premium latex paints.

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