Hearthfire Monument Sign

May 2, 2019 | Gold Leaf Hand Carved Hand Painted Signs | 0 comments

In 2003, we installed the newly designed Hearthfire at Richards Lake monument sign. The two-sided sign had to fit within their existing monument base. Although simple in design, the Hearthfire monument sign reveals how less is more.

A flock of herons

Hearthfire community representatives requested that we incorporate a blue heron somewhere in our sign design. Apparently, a flock of herons had taken up residence in the community’s pond and became a feature attraction during much of the year. The outcome was an elegant, hand-painted blue heron that graces the sign.

One thing led to another…

This simplicity led to even more elegant lettering, including the hand-carved, gold-leafed letters, all encased within a lovely thin, gold-leafed border. In addition, we added lighter touches of complementing blue to enhance the sign’s elegance. Finally, the contrasting midnight blue background created a stunning background that highlighted the more delicate design elements.

Less is more

We custom-cut and shaped the 4 ‘x 6’, two-sided sign out of MDO plywood to fit within the confines of Hearthfire’s existing monument structure. As mentioned, we gold-leafed one of the delicate ornamental borders. The hand-carved, gold-leafed Hearthfire letters gave the sign a dimensional appearance. Finally, the finishing touch was adding a thin, turquoise blue trim – just enough color to set off the gold leaf elements and midnight blue background.

The “less is more” concept is one we adhere to when it comes to outdoor signs and vehicles. We’ve found that customers and passersby respond to fewer graphic cues, not more. This is especially true when traveling at highway speeds or in busy, commercial areas.

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