Hillcrest Farm Dimensional Sign

May 16, 2019 | Gold Leaf Hand Carved Hand Painted Signs | 0 comments

The Hillcrest Farm dimensional sign spotlights the Colorado horse industry. The farm is one of the state’s many horse boarding and training centers located near Fort Collins.

Surprisingly, the equine industry impacts the American economy more than motion picture services, railroad transportation, or furniture and fixture manufacturing. What’s more, the industry directly employs more than 700 thousand people. Further, an estimated 450 thousand of these positions are full-time equivalent jobs. The rest are part-time and seasonal. Nationally, Colorado ranks 9th in horse ownership. The majority of those owners live in northeastern Colorado.

How we built the Hillcrest Farm dimensional sign

Paxton Signs has been designing and constructing Hillcrest’s signs since 1999. In addition, we letter their fleet graphics. We designed the Hillcrest sign and fleet identities to reflect the quality service they provide.

First, we sandblasted the 3′ x 5′ dimensional entrance sign by using a single, sturdy sheet of high-density urethane (HDU). Urethane is probably the best substrate for sandblasting dimensional signs due to its forgiving surface and versatility. It offers numerous texture possibilities, including wood grain, mottled textures and hammered surfaces, as well as hand-carved art elements. In addition, it’s stronger than wood, requires little maintenance, and is more cost effective.

For graphic interest, we incorporated the sign’s various borders, colors and graphic elements. Finally, gold-leaf letters and gold-leaf trim give the sign strong graphic elegance.

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