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Mar 31, 2021 | Storefront signs

life light creative storefront signBelle Fourche, South Dakota is a long way from Fort Collins, Colorado. The drive is 350 miles, straight down Wyoming’s eastern flank. The charming town is the Butte County seat, and sits near the geographic center of the United States.

As you might expect, its population hovers around 5,600. However, the small town is a beehive of activity boasting a live theater, roundups, festivals, Black Hills events, golf tournaments, a Corvette Classic, even a Responsible Dog Owners Day – and that’s just scratching the surface.

Surprisingly, Belle Fourche is home to a thriving gig economy. That is, a sector of the service industry primarily devoted to online work done on a freelance or temporary basis.

From website to storefront sign…

Belle Fourche is where our client, Deb Elliott, creator and owner of, Life Light Creative – Web Design and Development, calls home. Recently, she needed a sign for her new office space in the heart of this thriving little town. Worth noting: Deb has been our Internet marketing and web site guru. Her skills range from graphic design and copy writing, to the Internet magic she creates on computer, laptop and handheld screens.

With her guidance, we collaborated to upgrade our aging Paxton Signs web site to the new one you’re viewing right now. (Needless to say, we’re very pleased with the results!) Once our site was completed, work began on her sign.

How we made the Life Light Creative sign…and more!

With Deb in Belle Fourche and Paxton Signs in Fort Collins, we worked a modern day, long-distance miracle via telephone and Internet exchanges. Turns out, Deb’s neighbor, KW Black HIlls Real Estate, needed a sign as well. The dimensional signs are the same size, background color and shape. Each sign measures 3’X10′.

We used factory-finished, black aluminum, composite material for both signs’ backgrounds. Then, using a CNC router, we formed the letters, the lotus flower and the “KW” logo. We custom color-matched and hand-painted the two logos. Since the signs are dimensional, we raised and offset all of the elements using 3/4″ aluminum barrel spacers. The bottom letters on both signs are cut from vinyl.

From Fort Collins to Belle Fourche…

Prior to driving to Fort Collins from Belle Fourche, Deb’s husband, Don, fashioned two wood shipping crates. They drove the 350 miles to our location, loaded both signs and hauled them back to Black Hills country – a total of 700 overnight miles.

Finishing touches: Don and Deb installed both signs, offsetting them 2 inches from the building’s brick fascia for an attractive relief effect. The photos, above, show details and their fine installation job.

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