Alias Smith & Jones Carved Sign

Mar 21, 2019 | Gold Leaf Hand Carved Hand Painted Signs | 0 comments

Gold Leaf at its finest

Measuring a whopping 4′ x 6′, the Alias Smith & Jones carved sign is the largest residence sign in our Gallery of Signs. Most residence signs top out at approximately 18″ x 36″. However, not only is the Alias Smith & Jones sign larger than the average residence sign, it is also more elaborate. This includes gold leaf embellishments on hand-carved letters and featured art. Specifically, elements included are the stallion, the carved gold-leaf letters, the dimensional banner, and the circular sand-blasted background. It’s an elaborate residence sign involving many sign industry techniques and adornments.

Accidents happen

The Alias Smith & Jones sign, pictured, is actually the second iteration. It replaces the first sign that we designed and built in the late 1980s. Years later, in 2009, the original sign was severely damaged by a delivery truck. Fortunately for the owners, the delivery service’s insurance covered the cost to replace the damaged sign. The new sign is shown, below.

Forty years in northern Colorado

Paxton Signs’ 40+ year history includes hundreds of signs. Some are large monument signs, others small business signs. We’ve created ranch signs, lighted signs and signs made from recycled wood. Our shop specializes in hand-painted and carved signs. We also offer vehicle and fleet graphics.  Paxton Signs provides a continuous variety of signs for Fort Collins, northern Colorado and the surrounding mountain areas.

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